The human body is a wondrous thing, capable of doing so many things, from walking to running to lifting things to playing sports. Having all these moving parts though, can mean that it’s also easy to have pain in one of those body parts. This can be due to just garden-variety overuse or it can be due to an injury from a fall or even just from sleeping wrong on it.

While it’s always good to see a medical professional to determine exactly what the problem is and then possibly a physical therapist afterwards, here are some things that you can do to help manage your pain before making those appointments.

Foot And Ankle Pain

Sometimes some people are prone to foot or ankle injuries. Whether it’s from a twisted ankle or something else, the best thing to do is to initially stay off the foot. Lay down and prop up your feet to elevate them. Do you see possible swelling in the area of the injury? Put ice on it for 20 minutes at a time. You can put a compression bandage on it to both add stability and minimize any swelling. It’s also a good idea to take topical pain relievers.

Sometimes the pain will go away on its own, especially if you follow the above directions and you will be able to regain mobility in a day or two. If it lingers or you find that it is getting worse, then you should go see a doctor to make sure that it is not something more serious.

Back Pain

Millions of people all around the world have back pain that can range from mild stiffness to being bedridden with nearly no ability to stand for more than a few seconds.  When you feel that muscle tug after lifting something or even just standing up, do not try to gut your way through it. Lay down. Re