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Are you looking for the best physical therapist in NYC or sports medicine in Manhattan? We service 10036, 10017, 10112 and others.


Best physical therapist in NYC, 10036 and sports medicine specialist in Manhattan? Explain your complaints and get exact treatment that you need.

That’s not all…

Dr. Steven Moalemi is the leading physiatrist in New York City. He has helped hundreds of people, including NFL stars to restore their health to enjoy life again with freedom to move.

What’s the real story?

You explain your complaints and get exact personalized, comprehensive treatment plans to relieve your pain and treat your condition.

The best part?

We not only make you feel better but we teach you, step-by-step, how to stay healthy without the help of physical therapists in and be independent by maintaining your health on your own.

Kyle Auffray, Pro Football Player (Jets, Oakland Raiders, Patriots)

our Midtown officeHOW CAN WE HELP YOU?

Many people are conditioned to think that pain is normal. In reality, it is the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. If your pain is recent or mild, it may be the onset of a condition or illness that could worsen if not treated earlier, making it imperative to take preventative measures.

Chronic or debilitating pain, on the other hand, could be associated to years of wear on your body or an underlying condition that eventually arose. Whatever your pain is, we are here to help you find the appropriate treatment plans to get you feeling your best.

Many people suffer from pain and don’t understand why they’re experiencing it, where exactly the source of the pain is coming from, and what their treatment options are. Through our consultations and evaluations, we are able to assess and address the underlying cause of pain to properly diagnose, plan, and execute the best treatment program to get you back on the road to a pain-free life. Because pain-free is the way to be.

Pain is not pleasant and we always try to avoid it. Sometimes we can’t for whatever reasons. And that is when you can avail yourself of the best physical therapy in NYC to relieve pain, make your muscles stronger and learn how to exercise on your own so that you are all set to lead your busy life. New Yorkers are really busy people and that is why our physical therapists have flexible schedules in order to meet your needs.

Contact us with any questions that you might to find Sports Medicine, Spinal Decompression, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Pilates and Ergonomics services in NYC 10036, Midtown and Downtown Manhattan.


Sports medicine is a practice of medicine centered around the care of athletes from the high school, collegiate and professional levels, as well as recreational athletes who enjoy getting active on the weekends.



A majority of pain can be relieved through physical therapy, making it a great first step towards pain alleviation. The best physical therapist NYC will assist in improving mobility, restoring function, and relieving pain.


Spinal decompression systems are non-surgical treatment options that provide pain relief for those suffering from herniated discs, bulging discs, and degenerative disc disease in the neck or back.

Acupuncture revised


Your body is comprised of several points and meridians that, when triggered, can induce certain reactions, such as pain relief, to specified points. These acupuncture points stimulate internal painkillers.

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