The Empire Physical Medicine Team

Patients at Empire Physical Medicine & Pain Management are greeted by our professional staff in luxurious, private surroundings. Spacious, well equipped private examination and treatment suites are designed for our patients’ physical and psychological comfort. Our belief is that a doctor’s visit, particularly for someone in pain, should be stress-reducing rather than anxiety arousing. Experience the intelligence and sensitivity of care as it can and should be.
The job of a physical therapist is long-term and demanding. You have to have a love for it to be able to maintain through it. You cannot slack on the care you give because it directly affects your patient’s lives. You have to figure out how you can be even more efficient with the tools you have so as not to compromise the quality of service that you give.

Optimum performance is attained through quality physical therapy and the developing technology can help be even more efficient. One of the premier technological developments that contributed greatly to this field was the electronic medical records (EMR). This represented a breakthrough point in communication between therapists and their patients. When you are in pain, efforts to come can be rather stressful, but the progress you will see, and the end result of gaining back your freedom of movement is truly worth everything you will have to do.

Upon completing your premier physical therapy program, your therapists will guide you as to how to go on. It’s important to follow your program. Have you heard an expression that prevention is better than cure? Well, this is certainly the case. You have to take great care, follow the preventative measures and do the recommended exercises if you do not want a relapse. If you are looking for premier physical therapy, you are guaranteed to find top professionals in New York. Years of successful experience, constant advances, courtesy and effective individualized programs will help you achieve the goals.