3 Ways Physiotherapy Can Help Relieve Arthritis Pain

3 Ways Physiotherapy Can Help Relieve Arthritis Pain In Midtown Manhattan

Arthritis is not fun. It can make even the simple joint movements that you took for granted in the past very difficult. You might just want to sit and try to avoid moving so that you don’t feel that pain. But that would be counterproductive, actually. Exercise would be the best answer. But who can help? Have you considered seeing a New York Physical Therapist?

They are potentially a great asset for you to use to improve how you feel with your arthritis. They will work closely with you and incorporate their vast knowledge of the human body to get you where you should be. Here are 3 ways physiotherapy can help relieve arthritis pain:

Why Should You Have Physical Therapy For Arthritis?

When it comes to dealing with arthritis, sometimes people prefer to reach for the medicine cabinet to be able to move around on a daily basis. While that may temporarily work, it only serves to mask the real problem. Think about these reasons why you should do physiotherapy:

Physiotherapy Is One Of The Best Treatments To Manage Arthritis Pain

Not only will your physiotherapist offer moral support, they will show you exercises to do to manage your pain so that you don’t always need to reach for painkillers. They can use heat and ice as well as splints or electrical nerve stimulation to get the best results.

Increase Joint Range Of Motion

This is where the New York physiotherapist will be hands on with you… literally. They will use their hands to manipulate the affected joints to get you moving around like you should.

Strengthen The Muscles That Support An Arthritic Joint

Sometimes you just need to make the things around your joints stronger. That way, you can rely on that to be able to use them without as much pain. Your physical therapist will gladly show you what you need to do.

What Type Of Physical Therapy Activities Are Good For Arthritis?

It’s all about constant movement. When you do that, that will keep your joints from stiffening up. If you are too sedentary, then that can create issues. There are a lot of things that you can do in the gym or even at home that can greatly improve how your body feels when you do normal activities.

Ideally, you would do low-impact exercises that put little to no strain on your body. That would include riding an elliptical, which is easy on your knees, or swimming, where the buoyancy of the water helps keep your body while you exercise. By doing that, you can also get a better range of motion.

What Other Things Should You Consider For Arthritic?

A man with arthritis in the knee in Midtown Manhattan, NY.

Besides swimming and the elliptical, you could do things like Pilates, resistance band exercises, body weight exercises or even things like tai chi. Also, you might contemplate doing things to keep your hands dexterous – they are joints too that can be susceptible to arthritis.

You need to listen to your body. While it is bad to do too little exercise, the same can be said for those who overwork themselves with exercises. That can lead to the body breaking down, which will then make you feel stiffer again and moving will become difficult again.

Another thing you want to do, and this is true no matter what level of fitness you have – you want to switch up the exercises. This will keep your body guessing and keep you from reaching a plateau where you don’t make any progress. Change the order of the exercises or substitute new ones regularly that focus on the same body part.

Arthritis does not have to be the end of the world. While it does affect a lot of people, doing physical therapy and exercises can improve your quality of life to the point that you may even be moving around more than you did before you had arthritis. That will be a fun life to live. Get started now to reach that peak that you want.

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