Spinal Decompression New York CityThe non-surgical treatment for various ailments such as herniated disc and lower back pain is performed with state-of-art devices for spinal decompression. These can be applied for treating pain in cervical and lumbar areas.

Cleared by FDA, spinal decompression therapy has a long-term positive effect. It is working in such a way that spine is stretched very gradually in order to alleviate the pressure off vertebrae and compressed discs. As a matter of fact, patients feel relief after the first session.

Herniated and degenerative disc diseases, sciatica are the most common conditions being treated at our Midtown Physical Therapy office.

The most distinctive benefit is that the device accurately addresses the exact location of the problem, not just handling symptoms. It proceeds directly to the cause, and usually, it takes about several sessions to complete the spinal decompression therapy.

There are few qualifications that have to be met to see if you are a candidate for this type of treatment. Please, call us at (212) 867-1111.

non-surgical treatment In New York, we know that there is very little time built into our schedule for pain of any kind, especially back pain. However, recent studies show that nearly all adults over the age of 40 experience some form of spinal pain. The question is, how can we improve this statistic in 2017? One of the many possible answers is a procedure referred to as spinal decompression. This is a nonsurgical FDA-cleared alternative to treat chronic spinal issues.

Spinal Decompression uses advanced technology to stretch and relax the vertebrae and other surrounding structures. This creates a negative pressure in the spaces found between the discs. This results in a reduction of a bulging or herniated disc, which can relieve an enormous amount of aggravation. Additionally, this helps with the flow of nutrients, which results in assistance with the healing process.

The most common reason for spinal decompression therapy is to treat pathologies, or diseases of the lumbar spine (lower back). Although this part of the spine only contains 6 vertebrae (with intervertebral discs between each), it can cause a significant amount of pain. In some cases, the sacral spine is affected as well, which is often referred to as the ‘tailbone.’ Any changes (either natural or caused by injury or illness) in pressure or placement to these areas of the body can cause pain which may radiate to other anatomical areas as well.

When spinal decompression is performed, there is minimal effort needed from the patient. They are simply placed on a motor-powered exam table and a special harness is placed around their hip area. Then, the lower part of the table (which is securely fastened) will slide to either side, resulting in traction and relaxation to the spine. This is not a painful procedure, but the patient will feel the stretching effect in their lower back.

New Yorkers, we know that you don’t have any time on your plate for back pain, especially, in NYC. Start this fall season off right, with a spinal decompression consultation!


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