lower back pain People injure their backs almost more than any other area of the body. Some claims are that up to 80% of the population suffers with back pain. When it hurts, however, statistics hardly matter. Relief is the top priority. It is this that drives so many in search of New York city lower back pain spinal decompression. It is fast becoming the therapy of choice for recovery from many common back injuries.

Compression injuries hurt

Compression of the spine is something that does not require tackle football moves to occur. A simple “bad step” off a curb or other common “up-and-down” activity can cause the discs of the sine to become compressed. A shock absorber or sorts, a disc cannot always take the amount of shock to which it is subjected and can fail. As discs become compressed, so can intervening verves, the resultant irritation of which can cause a world of unexpected pain. Discs can even bulge or become herniated, compounding the problem. A solution is needed for pain relief both on the short and long terms.

Why does a spinal compression injury hurt so much?

lower back pain spinal decompression new york city Spinal nerves can become irritated by minute pressure applied to them. Comparing nerve irritation and compression, one can see that either case can be painful. In the case of a bulging disc, for instance, caused by the compression of the disc and the “seeping” out of the excess cartilage in a bulge, the result is undue pressure placed on nerves. Sensitivity of nerves being delicate, pain is often inevitable.

How does decompression stop the pain?

The entire premise of New York City lower back pain spinal decompression is the reverse of the compression action of the injury. In other words, reversing the direction of the pressure away from the discs, a vacuum of sorts is created and the disc can absorb fluid, expand and rehabilitate. Most importantly, both temporarily and over time, pressure can become less on the disc and relieve from the surrounding nerves, alleviating pain. This is what makes decompression one of the major advancements in medicine of our time. It is almost like a reversal of injury.

What is the New York City back pain spinal decompression solution?

New York City lower back spinal decompression is not only available at Empire Physical Medicine and Pain Management, it is utilized as a tool for both fast relief and longer term rehabilitation of injuries for those in pursuit of the most effective, lasting results possible. By integrating it with physical medicine and rehabilitation, it has a good success rate with many. Call to schedule a consultation to see if you are a candidate and how it may help with your condition too.