pt ny If you are in pain, a physical therapist can help. If you live in New York, you know what it’s like to be always on the move.

There are several good physical therapy clinics in Manhattan, 5th Ave, that you can find  specializing in treating injuries related to sports, auto accident injuries, spine conditions, orthopedics and post surgical care. You will get a customized treatment program that is designed with your personal goals in mind. There are various physical conditions that may result in body pain. For example, neck pain which may be a result of a disease, congenital malformation, injury, age or just poor postures. A thorough examination should be done to find the underlying cause. A qualified physical therapist should give proper form of treatment in accordance with the severity of the case.

Depending on your problem, the therapist will examine you and develop a comprehensive treatment plan. Swelling and pain that accompanies most conditions will be relieved and reduced first. Once this is achieved, work begins to increase your strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination and balance. This is done so as to return the normal movement to your muscles and joints. Sometimes your personal doctor may suggest physical therapy to help solve issues relating to the condition.

Bodywork or manual therapy involves treatment performed solely with hands without assistance from machines or other devices. Its purpose is to reduce pain, increase flexibility and induce relaxation. Massage therapy applies pressure to soft tissues of the body. This will help muscles relax, ease pain and increase blood circulation. Manipulation is an aggressive form of therapy that positions bones and joints by using forceful, rapid movements. Mobilization on the other hand, uses slow movements to push, pull and twist bones and joints into place. This loosens tight muscles and improves flexibility and alignment.

The most important factor when it comes to physical therapy is exercise. When performing an activity, core strength exercises will allow you to use only trunk muscles to support the spine and the body. These include back and abdomen, pelvis, groin, hips, buttocks, shoulder blades and neck. Core stability exercises improve balance, posture, coordinated movement, strength and protect from new injuries. There are also exercises that can be done at home such as weight lifting, walking and stretching.

If you are in New York, please, call the office and we will be more than happy to help you.