Manage Stress

Everybody experiences stress in one way or another. Since stressors are everywhere around us, our body always looks for ways of how to avoid them. This behavior might be mistaken as defensive mechanisms but it is a normal and natural phenomenon that the body does. Stressors are the factors that can lead to stress. But people need to know that stress is not always a bad thing.

When people hear the word, it always comes with a negative connotation. But the truth is, there is also what we call the good stress. When the body is subjected to conditions that are outside the norm, good stress can actually trigger the body to act accordingly and it will be able to perform things that the body could not perform under normal circumstances. It will give the body an adrenaline rush. But stress can also be very daunting to the body especially if it does not find the correct coping mechanism to counter it.

People who are mostly at risk for getting stressed are those who work a lot. This is based on a recent study that was made in the US. People will tell you that one should be able to love and enjoy work to avoid stress. But most people do not actually have the power to choose their work. The work that is immediately available is usually the one that is take in order to sustain one’s financial needs.

To manage it effectively, a person must understand the different causes of stress. Stressors can be classified into internal and external. Internal stressors include physical conditions like diseases and illnesses. Psychological problems are also under internal stressors. This is where worrying too much about something or thinking about your problems is categorized. External stressors mainly include environment-related conditions and situations. Although psychological problems are classified under internal stressors, the environment where the psychological problem is taking place is classified under external stressors. This may include one’s workplace, relationships.


  • One very good way to reduce stress is through relaxation. Relaxation may be in the form of meditation or just having a day off from work. This will actually remove the affected person from the external stressor and will allow him or her to gather the thoughts and regroup them accordingly.
  • Meditation will also be very helpful since it will clear ones mind from all the problems causing all the stress.
  • If one wants a quick relief from stress, then you can never go wrong with humor. Humor is actually a very good way to reduce stress. It will temporarily remove your mindset from the problem and can lighten anyone’s mood. Humor is an excellent way of distraction, and distraction is another effective way to manage stress.
  • Exercising is also a well-known stress management tool. Moving the body helps release certain hormones that help relax the body and increases blood circulation. This will enable the person to think clearly to solve the problem. People should remember that every problem has a solution and stress can always be managed.