Inflamed Muscle Have you ever tried some strenuous and rigid activities in a single day without warming up beforehand? Face it – you will just end up having inflamed muscles at the end of the day. Instead of feeling buff and feeling good after a demanding workout, you may notice being stiff, sore and some swelling, as well as having muscle weakness which is often accompanied by pain.

Athletes, or those individuals who are forced to work in the wrong way or doing an increased amount of work than the usual familiar activity are the ones vulnerable to muscle inflammation. However, in some cases, anyone can experience such muscle inflammation, in medical terminologies, it is called as myositis.

Any kind of inflammation is devastating and disturbing since it involves pure muscle damage thus it is associated with discomfort and pain.

Inflamed muscle only develops due to the fact that the body does the appropriate repairs  to your damaged muscles. In other words, in times like feeling sore, do some proper stretching as it helps increase blood flow and nutrients transported all throughout the body for fast recovery and minimize the overworking not until the pain and inflammation subsides.

Generally, an inflamed muscle causes pain which can be reduced with proper rest as a solid eight-hour night sleep and frequent naps at daytime. Warm compression or heat therapy is just one of the best immediate home remedies if you desire instant pain relief and if you don’t want to use ice packs.

Along with getting adequate rest and relaxation, adjusting your diet will be very helpful. Foods that are rich in anti-inflammatory properties, rather than fatty meat or red meat, is advisable. Since reducing the muscle tension is also required, massage is probably the best relaxing way to wear off and loose those strained muscles. But if the inflammation worsens or pain occurs, it is best to seek for medical attention since there might be the presence of infection inside your body which causes the inflammation. Thus not all inflammations are due to overuse of such muscles, some cases, it is caused due to some autoimmune disease which is basically a serious matter and might be a potentially life threatening condition.

Muscle is part of the vital role in moving so when inflammation occurs, it can impede and restrict our daily activities. Simple stretches before you exercise or do any strenuous physical work can lower possibility of getting muscle inflammation. Don’t always rely on medications that can cause some underlying reactions if not properly used. Determine the source of the pain, if it results from worn-out muscles then do take a break but if not, go see a doctor.