physical therapist in Manhattan Want to know how to find a good physical therapist in Manhattan? It’s pretty simple. All you need to do is ask yourself five key questions that will not only help find a good one, but find the best one possible. And, when it comes to physical therapy, finding a top provider is paramount.

Why am I seeking a physical therapist?

This seems like a rather obvious question, but when you consider that physical therapy itself is a broad subject, and that there are many other physical medicine disciplines to consider, it can leave you wondering, even if you were referred by a professional. The answer to why you are seeking a physical therapist lies within the definitions of physical medicine and rehabilitation. They are separate, both significant and include diagnosis as a key factor.

What exactly is the condition I need treated?

Speaking of diagnosis, just because someone said you have an injury or condition does not mean it is the full picture. For example, if you fall and injure your ankle while playing soccer, a specialist will concentrate on the area of the break. This is a mere fragment of the picture. Damage from the fall itself, especially to the spine, may go undetected, causing more issues, seemingly unrelated, down the road. Vertebrae do not need to be fractured, but merely displaced to cause issues. So other issues can exist than the obvious ones. Pain does not necessarily tell the entire story.

Who is best suited to treat my condition?

Once the first two key questions have been answered, the rest fall into place rather simply. For knowing about the condition itself and all the areas affected by it, only then can specialists be selected. As in the example of the ankle injury from playing soccer, multiple areas can be affected and, therefore, a discipline which takes them all into account can be a wise selection. Consulting a physical medicine specialist for proper diagnosis and prescription of treatment is of utmost importance. After all, if this approach is used in sports, why shouldn’t it be in everyday people too?

When do I start treatment?

Your gut instinct would probably be to start immediately. Conditions do apply, however, and they have to do with proper diagnosis. Obviously starting therapy should be as soon as possible but only after a proper and thorough diagnosis has been done considering every aspect and body system involved. Once again, isolating the exact problems and leaving no stone unturned is key. In fact, it could be said to be the best kept secret to find a good physical therapist in Manhattan.

Where do I go to find a good therapist in Manhattan

With who, what, why and when answered, where to go becomes simple. Seek a licensed professional who can properly and thoroughly diagnose, assemble a team of specialists and provide the maximum integration of their specialties. Starting at Empire Physical Medicine and Pain Management with a consultation is a great way, not only to find a good physical therapist in Manhattan, but to find top providers in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Who would insist on less than that?