How Nutrition Works

Most of us do not think about nutritious value of food when eating it and care only about its taste and cost.

The truth of the matter is that your body is a carbon-oxygen machine consisting of myriads of cells which require constant supply of high quality material to repair, build and sustain itself during the life span. Thus, good quality of food ensures better health whereas inferior products make the body prone to serious problems.

You will better understand the above-stated basic principle of how nutrition works if you figure out for yourself the definition of “whole” which basically means “complete, undiversified, regarded as a single entity, including all its component elements or parts”.

This concept shows us that separated things are no longer whole and a great example would be vitamins that you can buy at a drug store. This kind of vitamins are produced in laboratories solely for the purpose of cash and not necessarily whole health. For example, vitamin C is isolated from the whole complex of interdependent vitamins and minerals within one source, say, carrots and then it is processed and put into tablets for sale.

You, most likely, know that vitamin C supports the immune system so when you catch a cold, you take it with a full feeling of fulfilled obligation whereas it harms you by creating vitamin deficiencies in your body. You should avoid getting such supplements at all costs and such costs to avoid your wallet.

There are very few brands of supplements that are truly whole with their entire complexes of vitamins in the form of organically grown food. These supplements work for your advantage while repairing, building and sustaining your organs and other parts of your body. Nevertheless, types of supplements that your body needs should be determined by a person who has been specially trained in “communicating” with the body to understand and handle things that go wrong when stuff like diet, pollution, etc. get forced off on your body without you even knowing that!

If you think that you know your intake proportions, you may be right or you may be not because it greatly depends on what exactly your body needs at your current condition of health which is influenced by your lifestyle and environmental factors.

The main thing to realize is that there is a general blanket of false security. We need to know exactly what the body needs and wants. This is where good nutrition comes in. It tells us exactly where the deficiencies are and what organs need help. Then we fix and handle that so patients can begin to improve. There are certain things that can be done like a good whole food supplement program but the thing is that everybody is different and therefore has different needs.

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Speaking of low quality foods, you can certainly do away and completely discard them from your shopping list even if it seems totally impossible. People are so used to have junk food that they cannot imagine life without sugar and French fries when in actual fact the state of your health and well-being goes up both emotionally and physically as soon as at least some basics are implemented.

An interesting phenomenon to observe is that good nutrition has an awful lot to do with natural laws of this physical universe and the whole concept of how nutrition works comes down to following the axioms of the nature.

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