9 Healthy Living Tips to Embrace in 2017 Many find the new year as a time to embrace new changes. While a “new year, new you” mentality is great, it is never too late to get motivated and tackle and achieve your goals. Below, we outline 9 ways to live a healthier lifestyle all year-round.

Strive for five. It is never too late to start incorporating a healthier diet and eating routine. Limit your intake of processed foods, refined sugars, trans fat and red meats and incorporate more whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes and fish. Don’t worry – eating better doesn’t necessarily mean you need to completely eliminate sweets. The key is finding the right balance. For every slice of cake you eat, have a piece of fruit. Taking small steps like this will help you ease into a healthier diet and if you’re motivated and able, you can slowly transition to a clean diet.

Stretch every day. Do you wake up in the morning with body stiffness? Starting your day with a stretch offers several benefits. Not only will it help you wake up, it’ll enable you to feel more energized and less stiff. The act of stretching also relaxes tight muscles and improves your range of motion. Additionally, stretching can help improve your work day. Your blood flow increases when you stretch; this leads to better circulation which improves your concentration levels, making you more sharp and ready to tackle those early morning meetings. Stretching every day can also help loosen the muscles in your neck, shoulders and back, leading to improved posture in the long run.

Jumpstart the day with lemon water. Ditch the coffee (and its accompanying cream and sugar) and start every morning with a lemon water. Why? This easy-to-concoct drink has several benefits. Not only does it get your digestive system working, it also helps flush out toxins, speeds up metabolism and helps to alkalize the body. Drinking a warm cup of lemon water can also give you more energy than a cup of coffee. So trade in your cup of joe in the morning for lemon water – your body and wallet will thank you. Besides, the prep time is minimal. While you’re at it, ensure you are drinking enough water every day – at least 8 cups of water or 64 ounces is the general rule.

Don’t overextend yourself. It may be hard between work and your personal life, you should always strive to get your quality “me” time in on a daily basis. Whether you’re having a rough week at work or dealing with personal matters, taking some time to yourself will provide you with a mental break that will enable you to unwind, relax and focus on yourself. Finding the right juggle between your work and personal life is important but so is managing your stress.

Exercise. While you don’t have to sign up for a marathon like many of your colleagues may be doing, it is important to get out there and get some form of exercise. If you’re not one to hit the machines at the gym, opt for classes where you are in a group environment. There are so many options in the city that there is bound to be something that intrigues you while also providing you with a workout. Whatever you decide on, even going once a week will make a tremendous difference in the way you feel. Exercising teaches you discipline and strength and helps you keep motivated.

Learn to de-stress. You’ve probably heard the saying, “don’t sweat the small stuff.” It’s healthy to let go of the little burdens that are holding you back, stressing you out or wearing you down. Looking at the bigger picture will help you to put things into perspective. Let go of grudges, disengage from toxic relationships and learn to accept things that you cannot change. It is a liberating act to disengage from unnecessary negativity.

Eat your breakfast every morning. This is a good habit to get into. Eating breakfast actually helps jumpstart your metabolism while providing you with the proper energy to get your day going. While you may forget to have breakfast due to your busy schedule, there are so many on-the-go options that there really is no excuse to skip out on the most important meal of the day; you can grab a granola bar, banana or make some oatmeal at your desk in less than a minute. Not only does this reduce any chance of binge-eating and overspending at lunchtime, it also helps to improve your concentration levels and work performance.

Get your physical health in check. Whatever your reason, whether you’re afraid of going to the doctors or you think you’re healthy and don’t require a visit, it is important to ensure your health is in order. Your health is invaluable and it’s important that you go for your annual physical. By getting in tune with your body, you will know when something is wrong sooner. Besides that, it can help detect any changes in your body that may require more attention before they become serious.

Take care of yourself – You should not be living your life in pain. Whether your pain is minute or chronic, you want to nip any pain in the bud before it becomes a problem. Schedule a visit with us and treat pain right at the source before it becomes worse or even gets to the point where it debilitates you.