fitness tipsThe summer may be winding down but your physical activity does not. While some may tend to hibernate as the cold weather starts to approach, it is a great time to turn to other ways to exercise. As the cold weather approaches, your exercise routine may need to adjust accordingly to the weather. Below are some tips to help you gear into a fall-appropriate routine.

  • Head outdoors

The autumn weather provides the perfect environment for a successful outdoor run. Instead of your usual gym routine, why not head outside and take advantage of the beautiful scenery while getting your work out in? Check out the trails at your local parks, indulge in the fall foliage that surrounds you, and absorb the scenic views before the winter weather hits. You can even burn calories as you partake in seasonal activities such as apple or pumpkin picking. However you decide to get your exercise in, relish in the cooler weather before the winter weather tempts you to keep inside.

  • Dress appropriately

With the crisp fall air settling in, it is a wise idea to layer up. You may start your workout feeling chilly but during your exercise your blood will warm up. Moisture wicking fabrics will keep you warm while enabling your skin to breathe. Make sure your extremities are covered too so you don’t run the risk of frostbite.

  • Stretch it out

Stretching can help oxygenate your muscles and warm them up, leading to better performance while increasing the effectiveness of your workout.

  • Mix it up

The colder weather brings forth great opportunity to try some new activities. Spinning is a great cardio workout that brings the bike indoors and Zumba will have you breaking into a sweat in no time. Yoga provides for a relaxing and rewarding workout. If you’ve never tried any of these activities, how about trying them now?

  • Get creative

No gym? No problem. Sometimes the colder weather is just too treacherous for outdoor activity. If you’re in hibernation mode due to the cold weather, don’t let it affect your exercise routine- work out at home. Use your body weight in lieu of equipment. Do jumping jacks, crunches, and pushups. Invest in an exercise ball and get fit in the comfort of your own home.

  • Bring a light

The fall weather means a later sun rise and an earlier sunset. Bring a flashlight so that you can safely exercise even after the sun goes down. Alternatively, wear reflective clothing to aware others of your presence.

  • Apply sunscreen

Although the amount of sun we get is shorter during the fall season, be conscious and aware that the sun is still powerful, even when it is hazy out. If you’re going to be out for longer than two hours, give yourself the proper coverage and lather up on the sunscreen. Shoot for an SPF of 15 or higher for appropriate protection.

  • Enjoy fall inspired foods

The fall season brings forth an abundance of fall-harvested fruits and veggies. Incorporate healthy fall foods such as pumpkins, apples, and squash into your diet and enjoy festive dishes packed with nutritional value. Snack on pecans for a healthy dose of zinc and potassium. The plus side is all of these are easily available to you during the autumn season!