Manhattan Pain Relief, Best experienced physical therapist in New YorkYour body is telling you something – it needs help. You’re in pain, and moving around has become nearly unbearable. When it comes to deciding whether to come to a place like Empire Physical Medicine & Pain Relief, the first thing you need to do is determine your condition. Are you suffering from pain in your ankle & foot, hip, knee, back, neck, wrist & hand, or shoulder? After seeing your primary care doctor about the condition, you may be directed to go to a physiatrist like Dr. Steven Moalemi and then to physical therapy. After you see him, you’ll learn why it’s best to go to an experienced physical therapist rather than a newer one.

There are a couple of ways that you can set up an appointment with Dr. Moalemi and his staff – you can call the office or you can contact him on the Empire website, where you can list the conditions that bother you so that when he meets you he can already have an idea of what is the problem… and come up with the solution.

Besides their experienced staff, another thing that makes Empire attractive is that they have not one but two locations that are convenient for people to come to. One is in midtown Manhattan and the other is downtown near Wall Street. You’ll find that you get the same excellent service and attention to detail at both places. Dr. Moalemi only brings the best physical therapists on staff.

The first thing you’ll want to do is arrive early at your first appointment at Empire. Wear gym clothes. There will be paperwork and insurance information that needs to be sorted out – just like at every other doctor’s office. Fortunately, this is done with electronic medical records – no more having to flip through sheet after sheet of paper on a clipboard. It makes things much easier for all parties involved. It also greatly reduces the risk of any error due to misreading someone’s handwriting. The early arrival will also ensure that you can start your appointment on time.

After you’ve finished the paperwork, you’ll be examined in a room that’s designed to alleviate stress – the staff there knows that sitting in an exam room can be mentally exhausting, especially when already dealing with pain. This is where having an experienced physical therapist can help – they have observed things over the course of their experiences and integrated it into their own practice to make things run much more smoothly for both them and their patients.

During the exam, Dr. Moalemi will do range-of-motion tests as well as learn about your physical history and any possible contributing factors to your injury. That will help him formulate a plan that he will then give to the physical therapists that are on his staff. He will use his years of experience to tailor a unique plan for you that will get maximum benefits from your time with them.

Dr. Moalemi isn’t going to be working with you – he has a team of physical therapists that he will have do the work with you, but he’ll monitor how everything is progressing… including how your overall health is improving or needing work. He’ll determine if you need anything ranging from physical therapy to spinal realignment to platelet-rich plasma to nerve blocks that help relieve certain trigger points that cause pain in the body.  Services also include sports medicine – helping athletes recover from injuries or conditions that prevent them from playing. They also have acupuncture That’s all part of being a physiatrist – looking at the body as a whole while rehabilitating from an injury, not just one targeted area to heal.

Their clients come from all walks of life, from a pro football player to people with everyday 9-to-5 jobs. The connection between all of them is that they are in pain, whether from an injury or surgery, and they want to ensure that they get the best help that they can. Another thing about their extensive experience is that while they may have seen cases very similar to yours in the past, they are also wise enough to know that each patient is a unique one and that there’s no one set way to fix the problem. They work and monitor how certain exercises go and then make small adjustments as they go along. A less-experienced one might just be going through a program they learned in school and be less inclined to deviate from that.  

Another benefit of working with an experienced physical therapist is that they know that the post-therapy regimen will be just as important to the patient as their time spent at the offices. They can customize a program that they know will keep the patient feeling healthy and strong. After watching what each patient is capable of during their sessions, they can give an individualized series of exercises. A less-experienced one might just give them a basic one-size-fits-all program.  

Dr. Moalemi received his certification in 1999, so he has nearly two decades of experience in his field. His knowledge is so extensive that other physicians often consult with him. He is also certified by the FAAPMR, which means that he is a fellow of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. His memberships include the Physiatric Association of Spine, Sports and the American Academy of Electrodiagnostic Medicine. When it comes to physiatrists, few are more qualified than he is, so if you come to see him, you know that you are coming to one of the, if not the best in the business.

When you come to one of the two locations, you will find that you made the right choice with Dr. Moalemi and his staff – their expertise, coupled with their dedication to making sure that you reach your healthiest, pain-free state will combine to get the maximum results from your time with them.  If you have had physical therapy before, you will see the difference that having someone with a wealth of experience and one who is starting out. It’s well worth the investment… and your body will thank you.