What are natural ways to relieve pain? People suffer from pain, but they do not want to expose their bodies to the danger that comes along with taking medications. They have various side effects, for example, stomach aches, nausea and others that damage internal organs such as liver and kidneys. That is why many people try to use natural pain relief methods to manage it. Here are some common home remedies that you can use to treat many different types of pain.

There are several types of herbs that can relieve pain. People have been using them for centuries:

Chili Peppers have been used for treating a variety of conditions. There is a chemical called Capsaicin that can reduce the sensitivity of the nerve receptors that are affected.

Poppy and St. Johns Wort may be used for most common types of pain as they are both pain relievers. These plants are useful in treating arthritis.

Another natural pain remedy that is good for burns and bruises is lavender. If you suffer from pain in joints, the Lemon grass will work well at relieving this type of pain. Pain or numbness in hands and feet can be treated with Valerian Root. Tumeric is good for inflammation or any pain that is caused by inflammation.

Rubbing Ginger Oil into the skin is an effective way to relieve muscle pain. For pain that causes ailments along with joint inflammation, there is White Willow Bark that can be used instead of aspirin. To repair tissue damage and ease muscle pain Arnica can help.

As you can see, there are quite a few herbs that can be used for many different types of pain. However, before you start using any herbal supplements or herbs, please contact your doctor first for advice.

Therapeutic massage and exercises are useful ways to get long-term relief from if they are done properly. This is very effective as it helps muscles relax and decrease inflammation. Using oils like mustard or eucalyptus is good when performing massages to relief pain. Always use a trained massage therapist if this is the method of your choice.

Regular exercising strengthens your body and allows your body get a whole lot stronger thus relieving pain on its own. Practicing yoga proves helpful for back pain relief.

So, is it possible to get natural pain relief for back pain? Many have doubts that it may or may not work. Most of us are used to take strong medications and undergo long therapies that never seem to end. May people depend on medicines and medications, but this prevents them from trying the natural healing processes.

Sleeping Positions:

  • Sleeping on your side with your knees bent up is one of the most recommended ways for back pain relief.
  • Sleeping with a pillow under your neck and another one between your knees keeps your upper and lower spine aligned.
  • Lying on your back on a firm bed with a pillow under both knees is another good way to relieve back pain.
  • Lying on the floor with the bent knees and the legs on a
  • chair is one more position that is helpful. This may not be a position for sleeping but it is likely to help relieve the tension in the back while resting.

Sitting Positions:

  • Always try to sit on chairs that have a good lower back support whenever you have to sit for long periods of time, for example at work.
  • To help maintain proper posture use chairs with long backs to prevent slouching.
  • Try to use a stool or step to lift your knees a little above the hips when you are sitting down.

Standing positions:

  • If your job requires you to stand for long periods of time, always try to stand with a good posture. To maintain a good posture always try to keep your shoulders, ears and hip in a straight line, this will help keep your spine in good alignment.
  • Resting one foot on a stool switching with 15 minutes intervals will also prove to be very beneficial.

Using these simple methods you can stop pain even before it starts. Similarly to other natural pain remedies for back or spine, these are to become your good habits.