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What Sports Medicine Manhattan Has to Offer for Summer Fun?

sports medicine manhattanYou don’t have to be a pro athlete to pursue the best sports medicine Manhattan could provide. Those who are active in fitness and recreational athletics could benefit greatly from the treatment. Some of the most popular summer activities carry with them the possibility for injury for which sports medicine could help either alleviate or prevent injury.

Taking strokes off your golf game

You may have to leave the city for a good game of gold, but taking a few strokes off your game is a different story. While practice at the driving range may be key, keeping in shape is even more essential. Manhattan sports medicine doctors can be instrumental in this process. After all, pros insist on it. A good golf swing takes more than thousands of a strokes. It requires support for injury prevention.

A back hand that makes a great time of tennis

Attend the US Open and you’ll see tennis champions but may not notice the team of sports medicine professionals keeping the players competing in top form. As in any sport, key body movements, repetitive motions and force can take their toll on the body. Proper sports medicine supports these functions to prevent injury, but can also rehabilitate sports injuries from minor to severe.

Hitting the pavement for years running

Attend any summer 10K or marathon and find runners from novice to champion. Even if running recreationally, there are several components of it which take their toll on the body. From spinal compression to knee injuries, sprains and strains, if you run the streets of Manhattan, sports medicine is key to prevent injuries while quickly resolving those that do occur.

Getting the best sports medicine Manhattan has to offer

Be it golf, tennis, running, swimming or any fitness or sports activity, structural support is imperative for pros, but even more so for the amateur. Pros have coaches, trainers and a whole team behind them to make them effective. On city streets, however, with no team, seeking the best sports medicine Manhattan can provide is imperative.

Empire Physical Medicine and Pain Management, and Downtown Spine, Sports & Orthopedic Rehabilitation provide a team including top sports medicine specialists. Call for a consultation and find out how to be at the top of your game this summer.