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Your Physical Therapy in the City That Never Hurts?

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Your Physical Therapy in NYC, the City That Never Hurts

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As residents or commuters of New York City, we know all hustle and bustle of Manhattan very well. We are constantly rushing to catch our train, cab or make it on time for a meeting during the rush hour. As women, we are always looking our best, in heels of course. As men, we are wearing our best suits and ties. However, we rarely stop to think about our aches and pains.

There is merely no time to pay any attention to that pain in the lower back or that stiffness in our shoulders. We normally blame it on stress and keep moving. Yet, we develop annoying conditions that interfere with our lives and remember the days when we were pain-free! As the life goes on, we get older and busier but so do our aches and pains! Isn’t it time to take care of ourselves?

Can we fix your discomforts?

Physical therapy has been a fast growing field in New York City for the past few decades. The leading complaints that the therapists treat in NYC are sciatica, low back pain, wrists and shoulders and other orthopedic issues. These often have a large impact on patients’ mobility and everyday interactions. We know very well that extra few minutes can make or break our day!

You may ask yourself, how do specialists treat their patients and what kinds of methods do they use? They use a variety of therapeutic exercises, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, manual therapy, hot and cold packs, spinal decompression and many others. These are introduced in the office and then reinforced in the comfort of patients’ own homes. Within a few visits, the majority of patients report a large improvement in overall well-being.  They become more mobile, experience less pain and can do daily tasks which were once a physical struggle. Additionally, physical therapists incorporate deep tissue massage to their treatments. These forms of treatment give patients an extra feeling of comfort and expedite their long-awaited recovery.

As a fellow New Yorker, I strongly advise you not to live another day in pain and discomfort. Make an appointment with your local PT center and get back on the go!

Make an appointment with your local physical therapist New York City is one of the most unique cities in the world. It is a point of attraction, as well as a diverse melting pot of energy, culture and influence. There is plenty of potential for thrilling and unexpected experiences whether sightseeing, watching Broadway shows or exploring various neighborhoods.

There are dozens of famous places of interest which include Rockefeller Center, the Statue of Liberty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art to name a few. New York is considered the capital of the world by many. It is comprised of its five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island and is considered the capital of the world by many. Each borough offers its own individual experiences, influences and cultures.

New York has always been a leader when it comes to globalization. It is a top destination city for people who search for opportunities, challenges and inspiration. Statistics show that NYC draws nearly one-third of its residents from nations all over the world.

Many come to the city to visit, so tourism is one of city’s top industries. However, millions also travel to New York from surrounding regions for work.

Whether in town for a business conference or to visit the Statue of Liberty, the Big Apple has something to offer for everyone!

Trends in related to fitness

Too often does it seem that the therapy would only be related to recovery form surgery or other injuries and conditions. Seldom does it seem natural that physical therapy would be part of sports and fitness regimens. There are several ways it is a support for fitness and sports.

Wear and tear

Whether you run, work out, swim, cycle or dance, you are putting wear and tear on your body that can cause other future issues, even as severe as osteoarthritis. Physical therapy puts motion into joints and rehabilitates wear and tear so as to prevent future conditions from occurring.

Sports related injury

More severely, injuries themselves directly impact areas such as joints. Restricted joint motion, along with effects on surrounding muscle and bone, are a bar to physical fitness, especially sports. It is a crucial tool New York sports, fitness and recreation enthusiasts can use to rehabilitate those injured areas and help them heal, getting them back in the game.


While strengthening is an important part of recovery from injury, it is also vital in building a physique built for fitness and sports. Too often the therapy is relegated to injury only and is not assigned any fitness value. Contrarily, motion being put into joints increases flexibility and range of motion resulting in more efficient training.


Many people who exercise and play sports are amateurs. They “wing it” on doing weights or cardio. So, even if you just run through Central Park once a week, it would be of benefit to be supervised by a PT therapist and given exercises which are not only effective, but safeguard against injury.

An “insurance policy” to maintain fitness

We provide physical therapy for every activity of an active life. Our specialists stand ready for preventative and maintenance measures as well as rehabilitation techniques for fast injury recovery. Call for a consultation to learn what benefits are waiting for you and your fitness program.

If you ever take a train in New York City subway, you will notice ever-evolving healthcare advertisements for specialists of clinics that promise to solve our problems. They pop up anew every day and go forgotten creating plenty of confusion. One fact remains the same throughout the time – injuries, traumas, physical disabilities, post-surgery conditions, muscle disorders and any other musculoskeletal ailments are handled with our services. Experts have been around for generations, but what do they truly provide?

How do physical therapists define themselves and what is their area of expertise? “PTs” are healthcare professionals who diagnose and treat conditions which affect mobility of their patients. They use different methods to examine, evaluate, diagnose, treat and devise customized treatment programs. Their goal is to restore your daily life function, whether on the football field or just walking to the subway station!

If you live or work in NY and are experiencing physical pain or discomfort, it is important to consult the experts! In many cases, signs of pain can go ignored, only leading to more advanced pathology down the road. The therapists can help you evaluate your daily routines, to determine the source of your pain, in an effort to reduce and eliminate it.

They have a wide scope of work, where they are able to evaluate and treat all parts of the body. They most often see patients who suffer from back and neck pain.

PTs treat a wide demographic of patients. There are those who specialize in pediatric cases, as well as those who work closely with the geriatric population. Their goal is always to improve mobility and help the patients live the most active, health life possible, despite their past circumstances.


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