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When Would You See a Physiatrist?

There are many types of specialty physicians, especially in New York City. Most commonly, when we think of injuries we refer to orthopedics. However, there are many other specifications of doctors which can help us in more specific ways. For example, a physiatrist. Physiatrists, or “rehabilitation physicians” are experts in the study of nerves, muscles and bones. Additionally, they are mobility experts and treat injuries and illnesses which impact the way a person moves and completes daily motor functions.

The primary function of a rehabilitation physician is to treat any disability resulting from different sorts of diseases or injuries. For examples, sore shoulders (possible from a tennis injury) to spinal cord complications. The focus is mainly on the development of a comprehensive plan, to put the pieces of a the patient’s life back together following the suffering of an injury or disease. Physiatrists like to traditionally treat their patients without the use of surgery.

Physiatrists commonly use their initial visit with a patient to pinpoint a specific source of an ailment. Then, they devise a treatment plan that can be implemented by the patients, as well as with the help of the rehabilitation physician’s supporting medical team. These medical teams frequently include other doctors and health professionals. For example; neurologists, surgeons, and physical and occupational therapists. By providing an appropriate, accurate and detailed treatment plan, these physicians can help patients remain active at almost any age. Their very broad medical expertise and experience allows them to treat a variety of conditions throughout a patient’s lifetime and as we know, New Yorkers need to stay on the move!


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