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What is Sports Medicine?

what is sports medicineWe have commonly heard of the term “sports medicine” from one person or another. However, most individuals think to themselves, I am not an athlete, so this type of care would not apply to me. However, this is a mis-perception. When a group of people from different backgrounds in NYC were asked to define sports medicine nobody could define it correctly. Even several people with medical degrees were unable to accurately define the study of sports medicine and how it can benefit many New Yorkers.

Sports medicine is actually not a single profession.  It is a wide umbrella made up of several types of medical professionals. Although orthopedists and physical therapists come to mind first, there are many others who fall into this category. Some of the many professionals who fall into this category are: athletic trainers, doctors of osteopathy, exercise physiologists, medical doctors, nurses, physical therapists, chiropractors and more.

This is one of the top growing fields in the tri-state area this year, and this can be attributed to patients going to see health workers who specialize in sports medicine, who help more and more “regular” people as well as athletes.

Sports medicine most commonly focuses on allowing patients to improve their athletic performance and abilities. However, even those who do not regularly participate in sporting activities utilize sports medicine practitioners to recover from injuries and prevent future injuries. After a few visits (depending on their injury, illness or other condition), they are often able to recover their mobility as well.


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