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Recovery PT

what is Recovery PT

If you are physically active, you most likely know that injuries are a part of the lifestyle.

Based on the type of the injury and its extent, physical therapy can be crucially important to recover.

Physical therapy is a necessary tool for recovery of your musculoskeletal system. Therapeutic exercises, deep tissue massage, stretching and other types of procedures are important aspects of your success.

Once you start your individualized program, a licensed physical therapist will be helping you regain your health. You will be taught certain exercises, stretches and other techniques that will help you recover from your injuries. Your custom program may also involve the use of specific equipment that is able to address your specific issue by targeting particular areas of your body that require greater strength or flexibility.

Scarred tissues and tight, stiff joints reduce your flexibility and range of motion thus stretching is very helpful in regaining that which you have lost.

Exercises on the other hand, aid in rebuilding your strength. Generally, when persons get injured they protect the area that hurts, however, this will only cause the area to become immobilized.

Massage therapy is a part of the recovery physical therapy treatment plan that helps with the overall healing process. It is done in conjunction with other procedures, as it aids in penetrating deeper into the tissues of muscles to help invigorate and elongate the actual muscles.


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