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Various Physical Rehabilitation Services

Various Physical Rehabilitation Services

Chronic pain always lasts longer than a predicted healing period and is able to persist for weeks, months or even years, causing severe issues for patients.

One of the best and most effective solutions for chronic pain has always been physical therapy. It includes rehabilitation and prevention of disabilities or injuries. It is very helpful in reducing pain, restoring range of motion and promoting natural healing processes.

Highly specialized physical therapists of NYC provide a thorough evaluation of the patient, in order to help relieve the pain which affects every aspect of life.

Physical therapists of NYC use multi-disciplinary approaches to help alleviate and completely handle the condition. They also present various treatment options such as manual therapies, flexibility and enduring exercises, strengthening and stretching exercises, manipulative therapies, exercises, ultrasound waves which transmit waves deeply into the affected area, etc.

Physical therapists of NYC provide rehabilitation programs that are designed for adults and children, particularly, with musculoskeletal health problems. The programs allow to restore and balance one’s physical strength and body’s endurance.

Physical rehabilitation or rehab is a set of methods and exercises intended to give you back your physical ability to work and have fun. The result is always the achievement of the maximum of your physical adaptation.

It helps people who suffer from aches and pains occurred after sports injuries and all kinds of accidents.

A good rehabilitation program focuses on healing injured or inflamed tissues and tissue structures while at the same time improves the function of the patient’s body.

It also can be applied to people who have difficulties associated with injuries and traumas of the spine and joints.

The therapy rejuvenates moving functions that have been disabled and speeds up the healing process.

The treatment is assigned to cases in accordance with their individual peculiarities and is aimed at getting the maximum recompense.

A good rehab service is comprised of certain physical exercises, manipulations, modalities (auxiliary tools or equipment like any physical agents used by physicians or health care providers to produce desirable therapeutic changes) which include electrical stimulation or ultrasound to help increase the blood circulation and let it flow to the injured tissue. This type of care also stretches and strengthens areas that surround the tissues to have them heal faster.

Injuries prevent muscles from getting the blood going around them, tissues get rebuilt and then start to decay. The goal of the physical rehab program is to relieve the pain and get the individual back to his or her level of function.

Oxygen does not feed the muscles and they do not work, therefore, they stop moving while gradually developing muscular dystrophy, in other words, the person loses the muscle bulk and the functionality of affected areas. Eventually the pain becomes unbearable and the life is no longer enjoyable.

Physical rehab procedures deal with malfunctions of musculoskeletal system and patients end up feeling 100 % strong and healthy if the cause of the trouble is timely revealed and properly handled.

Physical rehab techniques are extremely effective due to the latest technology of restorative medicine and, besides, they do not have any side effects as after injections and pills because it is natural.

Indeed, one cannot take painkillers forever, it is time to think about more appropriate ways to treat the body and live without pain.

There are no age or severity counter-indications and the programs can serve both as auxiliary to the main cure and the direct medicinal means.

The physio-therapeutic care is sometimes combined with other medical ways of rehabilitation, it provides the firm aid system which heals the body and activates its’ rehabilitation abilities determining fast and solid recovery.

Modern physical rehabilitation equipment enormously contributes to the successful completion of the scheduled treatment.

Our doctors are true professionals, physical rehab programs of our center let you easily get rid of your pain and make you new YOU. We are glad to take care of your health.


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