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Nontraditional Pain Relief Tips And Tricks

Nontraditional Pain Relief Tips And TricksWhen you’re suffering from severe pain, you will try anything and everything to help reduce whatever ails you. Been there, done that, right? On your quest for pain relief, you may have tried treatments that were advised from your Doctor, sworn by antidotes you’ve found online, or remedies passed along from your family. Well aside from general and popular treatment options available to you, we have compiled some nontraditional, and possibly unusual, tips and methods to help ease your pain. Give them a try! It couldn’t hurt, right? And no, there was no pun intended.

Sniff a green apple

Yes, that’s right. You may have heard the phrase an apple a day keeps the Doctor away, but did you know that the simple aroma of green apples can help reduce your migraine pain? Studies show that if you like the smell of green apples, you may experience a noticeable decrease in migraine pain. One possible reasoning is the fact that the scent may induce positive feelings in those patients whom are favorable to the scent. If you dislike the scent of green apples, however, then it may not help.

Get some better rest

Sleep on your side and on a firm surface. This will help to reduce any curvature in the spine. Place your spine in a neutral position by placing a pillow between your knees as you lay on your side or under your knees if you are sleeping on your back; this will help to alleviate the pressure off your spine. Do not sleep on your stomach as it places your head up versus aligning it with your spine. Also, avoid pillows that are too thick or too firm.

Turn up the music

Listening to music can provide enough distraction so that the focus is taken off your pain. In a conducted study with those whom suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, it has been found that those whom listen to music walked 30% further than those who did walked in silence. This proves to be critically helpful, as those affected by this condition should stay active to increase mobility. Additionally, those who listen to music for an hour a day saw a 12-21% drop in pain compared to those who didn’t listen to any music.

Breathe slowly

Naturally, when you’re in a lot of pain, you tend to breathe quicker. By slowing down your breathing, your blood can oxygenate, which can then release endorphins and decrease stress levels in your body. Women who have been in labor can attest to this.

Incorporate more ginger into your diet

There was a recent study that ginger can be more effective than ibuprofen for treating pain and inflammation. Similarly to ibuprofen, ginger not only blocks the formation of inflammatory compounds, but it also breaks down existing acidity and inflammation within the joints. Consuming ginger on a daily basis can help reduce swelling and pain and reduce pro-inflammatory proteins called cytokines.

Stay active

While someone experiencing pain may naturally think that bed rest is a good remedy, the opposite is true. While it is not recommended to be highly active or participate in high-contact sports if you are suffering from an injury or pain, spending time on the couch is not going to help you either. In fact, the inactivity can be correlated with your inability to get better. There are often physical requirements which need to be taken to rid of your pain. Muscles need to be worked and strengthened, and in some cases, rebuilt. If you don’t work your muscles, they can become inactive, stay in the same position, or become deconditioned which can lead to even more pain. It is imperative to stay active; physical therapy can play a key role in your rehabilitation

Roll away the pain

A tennis ball can provide for an inexpensive and effective tool in relaxing muscle pain. Law on the floor and roll it along your back or lean against a wall and roll around on it to loosen up muscles in hard to reach places. Best of all, you can control the amount of pressure applied.

Bathe in Epsom salts

These salts contain lots of magnesium which can be absorbed through the skin. Add two cups of Epsom salts to your hot bath to reduce swelling and promote the healing or torn muscles. Soak in the bath for 15-20 minutes to allow for full absorption.


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