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Get Your Kids to Exercise!

get kids to exerciseAs a matter of fact, many parents think children don’t need exercises. Honestly, it’s a big mistake to think so! Back in the days, kids used to have plenty of time to play outdoors and have fun with friends. That era seems to be long-lost and gone, with the advent of modern television, computers, internet, PlayStations and other entertainment devices.

Now kids spend all their free time watching the box, or playing online and offline games, or watching movies or TV shows online or offline. Kids hardly take up outdoor activities like before. If only they had plenty of time for outdoor activities and play outdoor games, they would not need stringent exercise routines. However, it does not happen any more and getting kids to exercise has become mandatory. Healthy diet and regular exercises are cornerstones of healthy growth rate, adequate physical and brain development, leave alone lifelong fitness.

According to a study, children are not getting enough physical activity and only about 20% are getting at least 20 minutes of rigorous physical activity every day. This shows how much modernization has taken a toll in our lives and degrading our lifestyle, triggering health problems.

Only when kids get regular exercise, can they be smart and active. Besides, they will have higher confidence and self-esteem levels and manage stress better. All these are vital in the long-term and key traits that determine health at later stages in life. Rising obesity rate among children is one indicator that shows the level of lifestyle degradation.

Did you know, your kid should get enough aerobic activities for healthy bone and brain development? About 60 minutes or more time should be dedicated to aerobic activities, every day. These activities include walking, jogging, or even running. Rigorous aerobic activities like running should be taken up at least three times a week.

Bone strengthening activities like running or jumping rope should be included at least couple of times a week, intensive activities like running should be incorporated.

Last but not the least, kids should get adequate muscle strengthening activities like push ups, gymnastics, etc. three-four times per week for 60 minutes or more.

It’s important to understand to take up age-related activities only and as kids, there are restrictions on what type of exercises they can do. For example, kids can’t train with weights like adults do, though they can use other ways to strengthen their muscles.

Besides, kids follow their parents by and large, so there’s no way they can take up healthy activities on their own, or without guidance. It’s a very good idea to impart it in kids so they can get to learn healthy habits naturally, without the need of pushing them for it. Physical activity sessions at schools are very important and kids should be encouraged to take up outdoor sports.

Besides, exercises for kids are vital and ensure they are physically and mentally healthy and fit. Exercises when combined with a healthy diet, offer optimum results. When kids eat and lead a healthy lifestyle, good habits are cultivated when they’re young and it would be easier for them to maintain it, all through their life.


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