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Common Heel Pain

Heel Pain

Heel pain is quite common. It usually results from regular everyday activities or sometimes too much exercising. The heel bone is the largest one amongst all bones of the foot and when it first touches the ground, it absorbs the weight of the body during walking.

Wearing shoes that have poor support could put stress on the heel, causing pain. Sudden turning it outward or inward may result in visiting a doctor.

Conditions that are associated with heel pain may include Achilles tendinitis, Bursitis, Plantar Fascitis and bone spurs. It is best not to wait but get checked immediately after you notice there is something wrong.

In treating heel pain, it is usually one of the most difficult kinds to heal, sometimes it takes months. Despite of this, most of these cases can be corrected using conservative methods. Examples of conservative methods are wearing shoes that fit properly for proper support and cushion, application of cold compress to affected area, or avoidance of activities that could aggravate the condition.

One way to prevent heel pain is to have sufficient knowledge of factors that would cause it. Avoidance of these factors can be of great help to keep your feet healthy and pain free.


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