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9 Ways to De-Stress

9 Ways to De-StressWhether it’s due to our work, financials, or even our family, we all deal with stress in our lives; it’s a part of life, no matter how unwelcome it is. It impacts you both mentally and physically and its effects are often draining. When left untreated, the physical toll stress would have on the body may include irritability, chest pain or fatigue. So, we asl ourselves, how can we de-stress?  Mentally, stress may lead to irritability or lack of focus and even anxiety. Worse yet, one may develop an addiction or fall into social withdrawal. Chronic stress can lead to long-term health problems; in fact, 43% of all adults will suffer adverse health effects from stress, including lower back pain.  New Yorkers are at an all time high for these symptoms.

While some may feel the effects more than others, we can all utilize the same mechanisms to relieve stress. Below, we outline 7 ways to manage your stress (and no, stress-eating is not one of them.)  Contact Manhattan Pain Relief at (212) 867-1111 for anti-stress methods.

Look at Fractals

Fractals, which are patterns which are repeated or similar in nature, can help relieve stress as it helps take your mind off things.

Chew gum

Bet you didn’t know that when you chew gum, you’re also de-stressing. A study conducted by Japanese researches revealed that chewing gum for over 10 minutes can reduce cortisol levels which helps to alleviate stress. Another study found that chewing gum while multitasking under stressful conditions led to an increase in alertness. Furthermore, it can help you become more focused; pop in that piece of gum and tackle more than just your stress!

Take a Bath

Another way to de-stress is to pop some bubbly and turn on the bubbly. A soothing bath not only eases your sore muscles, it also provides for great stress relief. While drawing water, add Epsom salts to your bath to draw impurities out of your body.

Take a Walk

Not only does a ten minute walk increase your productivity, it also helps to alleviate stress and take your mind off things. Not only that, it’ll allow you to take in the fresh air! The smells in fresh air, especially the scent from pine trees, have been proven to help increase happiness and relaxation and decrease stress. Flowers, such as lavender, can also perk up your mood.

Get a massage

Not that you needed more of a reason to get a massage. Get rid of the stress-related tension you carry in your muscles. Your stress will melt away as the weight is taken off your shoulders, literally.

Keep a journal

If you are not one to voice your emotions or like to keep certain aspects of your life private, writing down your feelings can be extremely therapeutic. Relieve your stress by writing it off, literally.

Make amends

If you’re bogged down with relationships issues, are dealing with family altercations, or whatever the case may be, one way to relieve stress is to bury the hatchet and reconnect with those you hold close to your heart. Release those negative vibes and lose the stress.

Turn up the music

Listening to music is an effective way to reduce stress. What tunes are most effective, you may ask? Classical music. The quiet and slow music helps put our bodies in a relaxed state; it helps to slow the heart rate which lowers the blood pressure, thus creating a sense of tranquility.

Have some chocolate

Dark chocolate, specifically. Full of antioxidants, consuming chocolate will ease your stress. It helps to increase serotonin levels in the brain. It’s been reported that eating 1.4 ounces of dark chocolate daily for two weeks will lower cortisol, the stress hormone found in our bodies. You now have our permission to indulge.


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