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Presidential Posture Evaluation – NYC Is Ruling!

With Election Day being right around the corner, it’s safe to say that this year is one that will go down in history. Our president come January 20, 2017 could either be a billionaire businessman, whose resume does not include any prior political experience, or our first female president who, if elected, means that our “first man” will also be a former president. While it’s not unusual for the presidential nominees to draw a lot of commotion around themselves, these two candidates certainly have drummed up quite a considerable amount of buzz and controversy. So much, in fact, that it’s predicted that this will be the biggest and most revolutionary election yet.

The presidential candidates this year are equally receiving a lot of hard press. Hillary has received a lot of flack for her use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State and Donald is constantly making headlines for his strong opinions and unfiltered comments which remarkably elicit both disdain and applause time and time again. However, no one has ever spoken about their posture. Whether you agree with their viewpoints and position or not, you can take some valuable notes from the stance of this year’s presidential candidates (and no, we’re not talking their political stance, we mean their postural stance).

Posture Evaluation NYC

Now, we know… This isn’t the most flattering picture of Hillary nor is her posture typically like this. But, this is a good example of how NOT to carry yourself. In this day and age and with the omnipresence of smartphones, heavy cell phone users are susceptible to developing tech neck now more than ever. What is tech neck exactly? It’s when you have your head forward and down for extended periods of time to look at your screen. Your shoulders may also be hunched forward and with your head constantly down, you’re straining your neck. In fact, when your head is positioned this way (forward and down), you’re actually placing up to 50 pounds of excess pressure on your cervical spine!

Unfortunately, poor posture cannot be deleted as simply as an email can (or 33,000 rather). If you are experiencing a lot of neck and upper back/shoulder pain, it would be beneficial to work on your Levator scapula muscle and upper trapezius muscles. These muscles have been weakened from being held in awkward positions and from being hunched over for extended periods of time. The stronger muscles in your back then have to overcompensate for the uneven distribution caused from the weaker muscles which leads to tension and discomfort. By strengthening these muscles, you’re correcting the muscle imbalances which in turn will significantly improve your posture.

presidential election

Hilary Clinton is well poised and standing tall, proud and straight here. This is an example of perfect posture. Her shoulders are even and back and her head is forward. Good job, Hillary! In this postural comparison, you win this one! Could we have said the same for Bernie Sanders?

Now onto our next candidate. Donald Trump is a very confident man in both his actions and his words. With this confidence, you would expect him to be standing straight with his shoulders back. if you take a look at some pictures of Donald, you will notice that he tends to hold his right shoulder higher than his left shoulder. For example:

posture of donald trump

Bad posture cannot be hidden as easily as your past ten years of tax history, nor should it be ignored. These pictures signify that there could be a spinal imbalance and an overactive trapezius muscle. If you hold your posture the same way Donald holds onto his tax returns, it would be beneficial to visit a physiatrist or physical therapist to see where the imbalances are. It could mean that you’re working out one side more than the other, your posture is poor or it could be due to genetic disposition.

posture of hillary clinton

Here is an example of the ideal stance. Perhaps Donald took a few pointers from a former Miss Universe contestant or his supermodel wife, Melania who seems to always stand with poise, confidence and perfect posture.

It is better to correct your posture now than to have issues resurface later on in life like the Benghazi scandal or the hot mic recordings. Poor posture can lead to career troubles, affecting your health and the way others perceive you. Both Hilary and Trump could use some posture pointers so that they can not only look the part of being the next president but be perceived as a strong, confident American figure. In our office, we provide postural evaluations and assess which factors in your day-to-day life may be contributing to the way you hold your posture. Based on our findings, we’d help you correct the issue, eliminate the contributing factors, and strengthening the affected muscles to ease tension and pain.

Our president’s job is to lead our country and hopefully the candidate that will be chosen this November will execute it with poise and confidence both verbally and through their actions (posturally too). Whoever wins this election will hold a lot of weight on their shoulders and our next president shall stand tall and proud with their shoulders back and head forward, ready to tackle whatever comes in our nation’s way. Whatever your stance is, whether it be to the left or to the right, always strive for progress.

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