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Patient Reviews

“Dr. Moalemi is a truly dedicated, caring doctor. The first time I came to the office after work, I was in incredible pain, and couldn’t sit down. He not only examined me, but gave me personal therapy to help relieve the pain, and he was with me until 8:00 in the evening. He’s a great doctor and a wonderful person.

His diagnosis about my back, herniated disk, and how to heal it was right on mark. If I ever have problems again, I will go back to the office.

My personal general physician was later informed that I went to a sports doctor for my back problem, and he said “that was the right decision – you’ll get far better care than going to a chiropractor, because the sports doctor understands all the variable systems in the body and how that affect one another. Pain is rarely simple to cure”.

One of the great benefits of Dr. Moalemi’s office is the quality of his therapy staff. They are highly skilled, caring, dedicated, and really encourage you. They understand what you’re going through, and for some of us, exercise is the last thing you want to do. There’s a great spirit in the office, where everybody, even the other patients seem to be rooting for everyone else. The staff is young, wonderful people who take a personal interest in everyone they treat, young and old. And after only a few sessions, there was great improvement in my condition.

The therapy staff taught me how to exercise, and how to maintain an on-going program after the therapy sessions ended, to deter my back problems from coming back. I’m proud to say that I continue these exercises on my own, and my back and nerve problems have almost completely disappeared.”

Richard Scherr
Architect Professor

“I think the service here is great. I am always treated with kindness and respect. Everyone seems to have the best interest at heart. And any problems I might be having, is always addressed with the utmost priority. I thank all the staff here at Empire Physical Medicine and Pain Management, for all the assistance they are giving me in my recovery process.”

Benjamin Lawton SR

“After being diagnosed with a torn labrum, I began rehabilitating my shoulder at Empire. I found the whole team to be courteous and professional. A special thank you goes to my physical therapist who, in just three weeks had my shoulder free of pain. I would highly recommend the team at Empire.”


“I am very pleased to say that since I started treatment in my leg for Alex. I have experienced a great deal of relief from the nagging pain that I had been having through the years. I never believed that in a such a short space of time I would be pain free. I am glad that I found Dr. Moalemi and would recommend him to anyone who has leg pains. He is as good as it gets.”

Franklin Adger

“The reason for me attending Empire Physical Medicine is the wonderful staff that answers the phones professionally and without you having wait impatiently. They always accommodate with you and keep track of appointments. The Dr, the receptionist and therapist are very kind, compassionate and understanding with your medical, financial and personal needs. They are genuine and make every effort in satisfying your needs to the best of your ability. I truly love this place.”

Waleska Lopez Cruz
School Secretary

“Very accommodating staff
Relaxed environment
Office makes me feel welcome
Excellent Physical Therapy Staff”


“The staff is professionally qualified and very competent. They understand the patient requirements and provide treatment accordingly.”

Information Technology

“Everyone here is very nice, attentive, and knowledgeable. They seem to genuinely enjoy working here. They explain things to you in such a way they you truly have a better understanding of what is wrong. Better then feeling confused and talked down to like other places. Also when something hurts or feels weird or I can’t figure it out what’s wrong, they actually listen you, in the past, PTs/drs have dismissed / ignored my description / complaints. But here they actually took me seriously and helped.”